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A storm quickly rolled in on Saturday May 7th, 2016 creating a sandstorm on the beaches with 57 MPH + winds. Click HERE to view a time lapse video of it.

The Boathouse pictures are
uploaded from 6 AM to 9 PM,
new picture every 6 minutes.
Click HERE for the archive.

Click HERE for the archive.
The Boathouse Webcam location

For a couple of years we did some camera work for the boat show, here's some links.
Past St. Louis Boat & SportShow videos on the CaptainWeil YouTube channel:
2013 still pictures and RiverBills Night
2013 Setup day 1 time lapse http://youtu.be/1IjD5rRe-24
2013 Setup day 2 time lapse http://youtu.be/4YS9ZDlL20Q
2013 Opening night time lapse http://youtu.be/KncgLZy_eJ0
2013 Weekend time lapse http://youtu.be/RBEYKjB1b6s
2013 Maureen interview with Seymour Safety http://youtu.be/_Nr9aIvI1Ig
2012 Setup day 1 time lapse http://youtu.be/79hmj5cxDEI
2012 Setup day 2 time lapse http://youtu.be/cH5ybzVKSkI
2012 RiverBills Night time lapse http://youtu.be/g-XAPkijph8
2012 Saturday time lapse http://youtu.be/zV8NaZWKaWk
2012 Sunday Slideshow http://youtu.be/-C1qi8rwYwY
2012 Move out time lapse http://youtu.be/gv7uiV2JKmE

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